Ripshin Goat Dairy
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We raise American Saanen dairy goats, registered with the American Dairy Goat Association.  This breed originated in the Saanen River Valley in Switzerland. Here in Happy Valley, multiple generations of goats graze twenty acres of woods and pasture, enjoying fresh air and sunshine by day and shelter by night. The goats have short white hair and  large, deep bodies. They are excellent milkers with long lactations,  and calm but inquisitive personalities.

Breeding is seasonal, occuring in September and October with American Saanen bucks kept here on the farm. Kidding takes place in February and March, and kids are raised on their dams for eight weeks. In April and May, we weaned kids and began using the milk for cheesemaking in a season which continued through November.

The goats receive excellent nutrition through rotational grazing, custom blended grain and a variety of top-quality hay and forage, some of which is raised on the farm. Cleanliness is a top priority: barns and courtyards are cleaned daily.